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Ultrasound research today is a free monthly online journal that collates and summarizes the latest research about ultrasound, including details on screening, diagnosis, pregnancy, detection. Ultrasound research today home view latest issue information about ultrasound books on ultrasound advertising in research today view other research today publications endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage performed for refractory bile duct stenosis due to chronic pancreatitis: a case report. over the counter viagra at cvs Katanuma a, maguchi h, osanai m, takahashi k center for gastroenterology, teine-keijinkai hospital, sapporo, japan. Akio-ka@ta2. buy generic viagra So-net. cheap generic viagra Ne. Jp we report a case of the patient who underwent endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage (eus-bd) for refractory bile duct stenosis due to chronic pancreatitis. viagra sales uk The patient had repeatedly undergone endoscopic biliary stenting for bile duct stenosis due to chronic pancreatitis. viagra or viagra best Because of repeated relapses of cholangitis and jaundice, transpapillary treatment was judged to have reached its limits. Surgical bypass was attempted but had to be abandoned due to adhesions. buy viagra online in usa Thus, eus-bd was performed. viagra with alcohol The procedure was successful, and placement of a covered expandable metallic stent (c-ems) relieved cholangitis. Two months after placement, the c-ems was removed, and the patient became stent-free but closure of the fistula subsequently occurred. movie viagra rep Published 26 april 2012 in dig endosc, 24: 34-7. Full-text of this article is available online (may require subscription). Place a permanent text-link or advertisement here. © 2009-2012 ultrasound research today. generic viagra All rights reserved. Ultrasound research today archive: volume 1 (2009)  issue 1 (march)   issue 2 (april)   issue 3 (may)   issue 4 (june)   issue 5 (july)   issue 6 (august)   issue 7 (september)   issue 8 (october)   issue 9 (november)   issue 10 (december) volume 2 (2010)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (june)   issue 7 (july)   issue 8 (august)   issue 9 (september)   issue 10 (october)   issue 11 (november)   issue 12 (december) volume 3 (2011)  issue 1 (january. free samples of viagra by mail