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Ogy, kitasato university east hospital, sagamihara, japan; yeungnam university hospital, daegu, south korea; sakai municipal hospital, sakai, japan; yonsei cancer center, cancer metastasis research center, yonsei university college of medicine, seoul, south korea; kouseiren takaoka hospital, takaoka, japan; department of oncology, yonsei university college of medicine, seoul, south korea; cancer institute hospital, tokyo, japan; st. Vincent's hospital, suwon, south korea; nihon university school of medicine, tokyo, japan abstracts that were granted an exception in accordance with asco's conflict of interest policy are designated with a caret symbol (^) here and in the printed proceedings. can 100 mg viagra cut half Abstract disclosures abstract disclosures abstract: background: s-1/cisplatin is regarded as one of the standard regimens in japan by the spirits trial, but cisplatin needs in-hospital treatment for hydration. Phase ii data of s-1/doc showed long survival by outpatient basis. Then we hypothesized that s-1/doc can be the standard regimen for agc as outpatient basis. viagra pills Methods: this is a prospective, multinational randomized phase iii study in pts with agc. Arm a: pts receive s-1 (40mg/m2) twice daily 14 days followed by 7 days rest plus doc (40 mg/m2) iv on day 1. generic viagra Arm b: pts receive s-1 28days followed by 14 days rest. Eligibility criteria included measurable/nonmeasurable agc, age 20-79 and no prior chemotherapy. Primaryendpoint was os, secondary endpoints were ttp, rr and safety. Based on planned sample size of 628 pts, the trial was designed tohave 90% power to detect an improvement in os from 300 to cardinal days. viagra without a prescription canada The accrual period was 3 years with 2 years follow up. generic viagra without prescription Results: 639 pts (arm a/b, 316/323) were registered and the eligible pts were 635 (314/321). generic viagra professional (sildenafil) 100mg The mst for arm a was 386 and for arm b was 327days. The os for arm a was not superior to arm b (log-rank p = 0. 1595, hr: 0. generic viagra in us 88). The ttp for arm a was clx and for arm b was 126 days. The ttp for arm a was significantly superior to arm b (log-rank p < 0. 0003, hr: 0. buy viagra canada 74). Rr of arm a was significantly higher than arm b (36. genuine viagra for sale 0%/ 24. viagra 100 mg fiyat 4.